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Guangdong KKChips Automotive Electronics Tech Co., Ltd. Officially Opened


Guangdong KKChips Automotive Electronics Tech Co., Ltd. (KKC for short) was founded on August 20, 2021, and officially opened on January 13, 2022.


We focus on the design of automotive electronics series chips, especially in the field of power-train and chassis control. It is a leading IC design house in this field in China. At present, the company is developing a number of automotive-grade chips, and our customers include well-known leading vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 companies.


Mr. Zheng Kunkun, CEO of KKC, said: "KKCs mission is to localize automotive chips; our vision is that every car on China's roads runs with solid Chinese chips, and our values are to deliver value to the world and get corresponding returns. Adhering to the concept of ‘cooperation & sharing', we will help the localization of automotive chips and help colleagues achieve ambitions."

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12th Floor, Building A, China Digital E-Park, No.190, Banhe Road,
Huangpu District, Guangzhou;