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KKC Passed the Intellectual Property Management System Certification


On July 3rd, 2023, Guangdong KKChips Automotive Electronics Tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as "KKC") successfully passed the third-party certification audit of Intellectual Property Management System (IPMS) and was awarded Enterprise Intellectual Property Management System Certification.

Intellectual property management system certification, also known as intellectual property standard implementation, is the main basis of the national intellectual property management system certification. The third-party certification audit is conducted by the ZHONGGUI (BEIJING) CERTIFICATION CO., LTD.. In accordance with the national standard GB/T29490-2013 Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Specification requirements, it evaluates and audits KKC in product design, development, procurement and sales process. Obtaining the standard implementation certification marks that KKC has achieved milestones in the cultivation, creation, protection, implementation and transformation of intellectual property rights, and will continue to motivate the enterprise to improve the standardization, systematization, proceduralization and refinement in operation.

KKC was awarded the Enterprise Intellectual Property Management System Certification

As an emerging enterprise in the automotive semiconductor industry, KKC adheres to the concept of delivering value to the world, and provides scientific support for the control of the whole process from product development to production with international advanced quality control, R&D system and design methodology, reliability certification, and mass-production test control methods.

Cultivate internally and externally, innovate excitingly. KKC will focus on solving the technical gaps and localization substitution in the field of core chips for powertrain and chassis control, and form a series of automotive-grade chips which benchmark the international standard, responding to the Reliability Enhancement Implementation Opinions of Manufacturing Industry issued jointly by five departments, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and striving to achieve the advanced level of benchmarking international products, and enhance the level of safety and reliability of the products.

Control autonomously, enhance foundation. KKC will continue to increase R&D investment and talent introduction, strengthen the close integration of intellectual property rights with the business and management system, encourage the team to maintain innovation vitality and R&D determination, build a moat of high-value intellectual property rights, and strive to build an independently controllable automotive chip in China.

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