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The 2nd Anniversary of KKC Team Building Activity Successfully Ended On the Shore of Xunliao Bay


On October 13 to 14, Guangdong KKChips Automotive Electronics Tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as "KKC") held a two-day anniversary celebration team building at Xunliao Bay, Huidong in this autumn, which enabled the employees to relieve physical fatigue. Facing the beauty of the sea, people enhanced team cohesion of mutual trust and sincere treatment in the happy environment, and relaxed in this atmosphere.

Located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer and the east of Daya Bay in the South China Sea, Xunliao Bay is one of the cleanest bays in the hundreds of kilometers of eastern Guangdong Province. It is also known as the "green emerald" because it is surrounded by mountains and seas,  and sea and transparent sky blend.

Speedboat sightseeing

Grab the beach on Mermaid Island

On the first day of the team building, people took the speedboat, experiencing the speed and passion on the sea and feel the power and beauty of nature. With the speedboat traveling  through and jumping on the waves, it stirs everyone's mood. People played with the sea water, took pictures with the mermaid statue, and all the beauty of the island was fixed in the lens of each of us.

Beach sports

Singing and dancing

In the beach sports, the schedule was compact and the forms were diverse. All the team members fully demonstrated the team spirit that it is not tired if men and women work together and everyone strives for the first place. They have contributed many hilarious highlights in the competitions.

Before the competition, all the athletes have been fully involved in the warm-up state, and under the guidance of the coach outside the field, eager players began to warm up. Once the whistle sounded, athletes rushed out, even if they fell down, they just clapped their clothes and joined again. The leading team followed up a victory with hot pursuit, and the teammates cheered and encouraged each other. Applause and laughter were heard all the time on the field, and the atmosphere was full of relax. 

If the day of Xunliao Bay is the pursuit of the sea and waves, its night is the collision of sand, fire and laughter. Follow the rhythm of the song, the heartbeat resonated with the rhythm, and the soft fire light interwoven shone on the faces of everyone.


Sailing through the wind and waves

Sea kayaking was another challenge in this team-building activity. People were divided into two groups, rowing on the sea by kayak, carrying out a team cooperation between partners and competing with other teammates. Under the scorching sun, the colorful rowing boats were loaded of vitality. Even if people fell into the water, they still fighted against the wind and waves!

As a cutting-edge chip enterprise in the field of cultivation of powertrain and chassis in China, KKC adheres to the principle of people-oriented, pays attention to the growth and development of employees, creates a diversified welfare system, relieves the worries of employees, and creates a team atmosphere of passion, responsibility and joy. The company pays the full amount of social insurance provident fund for employees (the proportion of provident fund is 12%, and the base is fixed according to laws and regulations), and provides supplementary medical insurance and annual physical examination (including parents). It has equity incentives, project incentives, intellectual property incentives, talents internal recommendation incentives, holiday gifts, 10 days of paid sick leave per year, irregular team building activities, afternoon tea and snacks and other welfare benefits and positive incentive systems to provide strong backing for the company to build a high-quality talent team.


Harvest season in 2023 has come. We believe that the beautiful time of League building is just the beginning. In the future, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of striving for progress and vigor, and continue to write more chapters of struggle and memory in the time of walking hand in hand!

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