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Leaders and experts from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers visited KKC


On August 22, 2023, a group of leaders and experts from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers visited the headquarter of Guangdong KKChips Automotive Electronics Tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as "KKC"), and Zheng Kunkun, CEO of KKC, and Wang Min, Deputy General Manager of KKC, led the team to warmly receive the visit of the research team. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on the frontier technology of the industry, the trend of domestic substitution and industrial chain cooperation.  

At the meeting, Mr. Zheng warmly welcomed the visit of the research team, extended warm welcome to them for their long-term support and guidance to KKC, and made a detailed report on KKCs development, research and development achievements, product market application and future development planning. CAAM encouraged KKC's growth and R&D capability, and recognized the company's phased breakthroughs in the field of automotive powertrain and chassis core control chips and its determination domestic substitution. CAAM proposed that the domestic substitution of chips will provide a solution to the problem of chip shortage, but also an opportunity for domestic enterprises to break through the technological blockade. In the future, CAAM will continue to conduct in-depth research along the industrial chain, explore the potential demonstration enterprises represented by KKC, give full play to the value of the platform, integrate industry resources, guide the development of constructing automotive semiconductor group standard, organize enterprises to carry out cutting-edge technology research, help high-quality enterprises to expand brand influence, and work together to achieve systematic solutions for automotive chips.

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