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High-precision voltage tracker

HE115 is an integrated high-precision low-dropout voltage tracking regulated power supply chip with multiple protection functions, which is packaged in ESOP-8.
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Protected sensor supply for off-board sensors

Automotive sensor supply

High precision voltage tracking

Power switch for off-board load

Operating condition

Operating voltage:4V~45V

Maximum operating voltage:45V



150 mA current capability

Very high tracking accuracy

Output voltage adjustable down to 2.0 V

Stable with ceramic output capacitors

Very low dropout voltage of typically 250 mV at 150 mA

Wide input voltage range: -16 V ≤ VIN ≤ 45 V

Short circuit protected output (to GND and to battery)

Reverse polarity protected input

Overtemperature protection

AEC-Q100 qualified

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