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Fully autoprotected 8-ch Half-bridge driver

The L99MD9008 is an 8-channel half-bridge driver chip with protection function specially designed for automotive and industrial motion applications. It is packaged in ETSSOP-24.
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Automotive Electric Rearview Mirror

Universal HS/LS drive application for various loads

Operating condition

Operating voltage:4.5V~28V

Maximum operating voltage:40V



AEC-Q100 qualified

8 half-bridge outputs

1A RMS current for each output

Supports 3.3-V and 5-V logic inputs

5MHz, 16-bit SPI communication (with daisy chain function)

PWM generators programmable over SPI

Low-power sleep mode (1.5-µA)

Integrated protection features with per channel detailed diagnostics over SPI

Undervoltage and overvoltage protection

Over-current protection and thermal shutdown functions

Digital Thermal Clusters

2 parallel input pins with Input Mapping functionality

Limp Home Functionality for configuration as HS drivers or LS drivers

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