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System basis chip

HE9788 is a device realized in BCD proprietary technology, able to provide the full set of power supplies and signal preprocessing peripherals needed to control a 4 cylinders internal combustion engine, which has passed AEC-Q100 certification.
Operating condition

Operating voltage:5.5V~32V

Maximum operating voltage:45V



AEC-Q100 qualified

Engineered for IS026262 compliant system

1 pre boost regulator with 2.4 A output current

1 pre buck regulator with 2.2 A output current

1 linear 5 V regulator with 1.5 A output current

3 independent self-protection 5 V tracking regulator with 150 mA output

1 input voltage pin for monitor external tracking

4 channels LS injector LS drivers

2 channels LS drivers for O2H load with current sense

2 channels LS camshaft or solenoid drivers

5 channels LS relay drivers

2 channels LS LED drivers

3 channels LS/HS drivers with low battery function for smart start

1 channel LS main relay driver (MRD) with internal diode for reverse battery protection

5 channels pre-drivers for external FET drivers. Pre-driver 1&3 configurable for 02H load with external Rshunt-on the source of Ext.N-channel MOS

6 channels pre-drivers for internal or external igniter drivers

1 K-Line IS09141/LIN 2.1 compliant

Integrated charge-pump



Wake-up pin

Temperature sensor and monitoring

Stop-counter with wakeup

Dual bandgap reference & oscillator

Micro-second-channel MSC for differential single ended mode

SEO function

CAN-FD with wakeup by CAN function

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